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   We do not offer empty promises of increased web traffic and internet presence, we PROVE it to you with weekly reports from Alexa and Google Analytics. Very quickly you’ll see a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to your website…ENGAGED viewers who stay and actually READ your material. Both your Alexa and Google Analytics reports will show you REAL people who found your website via the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, etc.) and will show you the average length of time they stayed on your site, and the average number of pages they read. We are the only company to offer this proof to its subscribers. ··· Read more about your weekly reports…

The easiest way to “see what you’ll get” from your Web Beacon subscription would be to look at a sample of the 2 reports you’ll receive weekly. We pay for your subscription to “Alexa” (state of the art Analytics) and we also provide you with a report from “Google Analytics”. Each of the reports has its strong points … Alexa does a better job of identifying what search engines your viewers used to find your site, and Google Analytics does a better job of identifying the country your viewers came from. If your company is based in the USA, you don’t want the majority of your traffic to come from Europe or Asia ! Also, your Google Analytics report is emailed to you DIRECTLY FROM Google, and that serves to give you verifying analytics to compare with the Alexa report we send to you (Alexa does not have the ability to email reports to customers, so we offline your report and send you the link). Take a look at a sample report from Google Analytics HERE, and take a look at the sample from Alexa HERE. These are typical results you can expect after only a few weeks of your Web Beacon being active.

Spotting Fake Traffic – Don’t let “Internet Marketing” companies fool you…

  Have you tried other “Internet Marketing” companies? Do they provide you with reports from Alexa or Google Analytics to show you their progress? Of course they don’t, because Alexa does a particularly good job at separating “Real People” from fake hits. That’s one of the reasons they can charge $9.99 per month (a cost which we cover FOR you to provide “Peace of Mind”). Look at the sample reports you’ll get from us on our “Measurable Results” page.

  If your “Internet Marketing” partner does not provide a “referral source” (analytic reports showing WHERE your traffic came from) then that should be a giant red flag! Sign up for either Google or Alexa and you’ll probably discover that your traffic is NOT coming from search engines (Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) but are coming from some unheard of site. Or, all your traffic will be coming from some odd domain, indicating that your traffic is fake (robots maintained by your “Internet Marketing” partner whose sole purpose is to SIMULATE traffic). Alexa KNOWS where your traffic is coming from, and will clearly show you the search engines that referred your traffic. This is why we provide you with a free Alexa account (again…we cover the cost) because you simply can not fool the Alexa system. This, of course, is why no other SEO or “Internet Marketing” company will provide you with Alexa or Google Analytics reports.

  Sign up for a free Google Analytics account and take a look at the ENGAGEMENT your “Internet Marketing” company is generating for you. Do you have plenty of “hits” (website visits) but the viewers only stay on your site for less than a minute? That’s a BIG RED FLAG, and you might be the victim of a company providing you your traffic via robot programs. There are many nefarious programs available to “simulate” visits to your site. Don’t be fooled … get a free Google Analytics account and check for yourself. That is why we’re that only company to provided complimentary Alexa and Google Analytics reports every week so that you can see the amazing engagement we create for you.

  Does your “Internet Marketing” company miraculously provide you with 1000 hits per day? …such traffic is obviously NOT organic (organic = “real people” and not “robots”). Are you paying some company $1 per thousand hits? Why do you think Google AdWords cost at least 25 cents per click, when “fakes” sell 1000 hits per dollar? The answer: because they are FAKE>

  Disreputable SEO firms can not sustain their “fake” users and “fake” hits for long…they quickly run out of “unique IP addresses”. Some firms try to “fake” hits with proxy networks and can sustain apparently “new” viewers for a slightly longer period. They will NOT, of course, provide you with free analytics reports like we do, because you’d quickly see that their traffic is “fake”. With your subscription to Web Beacon you’ll consistently see a continual stream of new and engaged customers, along with your returning loyal fan base.

  Some website owners are willing to pay for Google AdWords that can cost up to $1 per click, the prices can become quite astronomical. But many startups are willing to pay that premium in order to be more visible on Google, but this ONLY helps you on GOOGLE. We we give you consistently high results on ALL the major search engines and we’re the only company in the world to PROVE it with weekly reports from Alexa and Google Analytics.

  Does your “Internet Marketing” SEO company’s site look like a thousand other “get rich quick” websites … one long advertising page like you’ve seen a thousand times before? If the site looks corny, it might very well be fake and NOT run by professionals. We’ve been providing web services for more than 10 years and we KNOW how to get you REAL customers.

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