Web Beacon – What You Get

   Simple put, with a “Web Beacon Basic” subscription your site will get guaranteed traffic from REAL viewers, not the “fake hits” other companies will try to sell you. We prove this to you with weekly “Engagement Reports” from your personal, paid Alexa account (we pay the fees to Alexa FOR you, and send you a weekly link to your report) and you’ll receive another report directly from Google Analytics. These are numbers that simply CAN NOT be faked. You can read about your reports and see samples on our “Measurable Results” page HERE.

   You’ll actually be able to SEE results before your subscription kicks in. We will install Google Analytics and Alexa on your site free of charge, and then will collect a “baseline” report (one week analytics with NO Web Beacon) and then we’ll turn on YOUR Web Beacon (on 2 dedicated servers) for the 1st week free of charge. After you receive your 2nd report (of dramatically increased web traffic) your paid subscription will begin. Your web traffic will steadily increase over the following weeks to give you an average of 1000-1500 ENGAGED viewers per month, not the typical “bounces” (viewers hit your site and then immediately exit) from .25/click Google Adwords, or Facebook ads, or Bing advertising, all of which can escalate in cost if you are wanting “premium” ad words. We don’t charge ANYTHING extra for your site’s keywords, unlike Google and Bing.

   For your convenience, we send you (via email) weekly reports directly from Google Analytics and your paid Alexa account (cost is covered by us as part of your subscription). They are both developer versions, and we’ve significantly enhanced the code to notify us if the Web Beacon on either of your 2 dedicated servers shows signs of weakness (i.e. – visits to your site begin to decrease for any reason). This technology is proprietary to us, and you’ll find nothing like it anywhere else.

“Concierge Web Services” Subscription – Your On-Call Technology and Design Staff

   Are you a small company that really NEEDS an IT and Design staff to stay competitive and cutting edge, but you don’t yet have the revenue to hire the necessary professionals? For a low monthly fee, we provide your “design” and “IT” staff remotely, and the turn-around time on your projects and requests will astound you. The easiest way to get an overview of the amazing range of skill-sets we provide with the “Concierge Web Services” package is to look at what we offer on our “sister-site” InBiznez.com which specializes in Custom CRM solutions to help keep track of customers and tasks. With your “Concierge Web Services” subscription you get everything in the “Web Beacon Basic” package, plus access to the following support services:

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