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   This is the ultimate affiliate opportunity … our services quite literally sell themselves, especially the Concierge Web Services plan which is geared towards small business owners who don’t yet have the sales volume to support a marketing or IT staff. Read the bullets below to see the incredible value you’ll be bringing to you customers, and you’ll see all the different ways to market these services to ANY small business. Then, you just sit back and simply let the monthly affiliate checks roll in.

The Easiest Sale You’ll Ever Make !

  “Try it before you buy it!” Week One: We measure the client’s web traffic WITHOUT Web Beacon being active, using Google Analytics and Alexa reports. Week Two: We activate the Web Beacon for the client and send them their first week’s report. 3 days later, their subscription begins. It is the ultimate “kick the tires” service. We let them see the results FIRST, and only then does their credit card get charged … try finding another SEO or “Internet Marketing” company that offers THAT ! (you won’t)

  Sell it, and forget it! You have absolutely nothing to do after the customer subscribes, unless you want to increase customer loyalty by checking in on their satisfaction. We handle EVERYTHING…ZERO effort on your part. Just walk in to ANY small business (ideally a new and small start-up … a “services” store, a retail store, a restaurant) and ask the manager if they’d inexpensively like an advertising agency to bring more traffic to their website. Or, perhaps they are small and don’t have ANY tech support (our “Concierge Web Services Subscription” would be ideal) and they’d like an on-call and comprehensive tech support partner. Just put your name on the back of one of our business cards and leave it with them to consider. When customers subscribe we ALWAYS ask for the name of the rep on the back of the card, so you’ll be guaranteed to get your affiliate percentage. Download from HERE a zip file containing the files you can take to Staples and get 100 cards for about $19.99

  Point out to your potential customers that their “Concierge Web Services” includes our robust and completely automated email marketing platform – “Email Campaigner”. You can see all it’s features and try a demo demo (see the main menu) This also includes complimentary assistance in designing beautiful HTML marketing emails as well as newsletters for their subscribers … we do it ALL! (that’s why it’s called “Concierge” web services)

  Point out to your potential customers the vast array of IT support services they receive for their “Concierge Web Services” subscription. No SEO or “Internet Marketing” firms has such a vast pool of talents to offer. Our team is truly amazing…

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